Our Approach

Ento Capital Management Ltd (Ento Capital) aspires to be the premier adviser in corporate finance advisory and private equity, investing in ethical and Islamic investments in the Middle East. Experts in both conventional and non-conventional investment advisory, we are made up of a resourceful leadership team with more than 60 collective years of investment banking and advisory experience.

The Company name is taken from the Greek word ‘Ento’ meaning ‘within’, and is a reference to the cultural pearling history of the region. Today, our pearls are vast wealth portfolios, but the principal of incubation remains the same. 

Our logo resembles an oyster shell, in which the precious investment is lodged. We have a refreshing approach with a perfect yet, demanding goal: maximum value creation for our clients with absolute integrity.

The core strategy of Ento Capital is to design a portfolio of creative new investment options that are aligned with the mandate for the UAE, to embrace all areas of innovation. 

We encourage our clients to explore suitable opportunities and contribute to the evolving culture of financial innovation in the Middle East. Our leadership position as thought leaders in Islamic finance will enable us to redefine the norms of the Shariah investment landscape and build a sustainable platform for future scale with consistent performance. A deep commitment to compliance procedures, risk management and our strong governance framework is at the heart of all our activities.

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