A pearling history



‘ento’  is derived from the Greek word meaning ‘within’, and is a reference to the cultural pearling history of the region.   Today, the pearls are vast wealth portfolios, but the principal of incubation remains the same.

01. Mission

Innovate new ethical investment products, partnering with clients who boldly pursue Shariah finance opportunities and ignite market maker business culture with cutting edge I.T. systems.

02. Vision

The influential Shariah investment bank offering an Islamic window for innovative solutions and superior financial services with a customer-focused hallmark.

03. Values

Ento Capital’s promise is in their commitment to absolute integrity, full trust and transparency with clear and concise financial transacting, robust corporate governance, ethical Shariah compliant approach, professional integrity and dedicated individuals committed to our valued stakeholders.

A Unique proposition

Introduction to Ento Capital

The Firm

Ento Capital Management Ltd (Ento Capital) is trusted adviser in asset management, corporate finance advisory and private equity, investing in ethical and Islamic investments in the Middle East. Ento Capital operates in Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and is regulated by Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) as a category 3C investment bank.

Expert in both conventional and non-conventional investment banking, we are made up of a resourceful leadership team with more than 65 collective years of investment banking experience. Responding to requests from clients, we have permanently established the Head Office in the Dubai International Financial Centre. This is also in recognition of the 2021 strategic plan of Dubai Government to become a preferred investment destination.

The Ento Capital leadership team is known for establishing unique and long lasting partnerships with businesses and organizations throughout the GCC region. Exceptional investment performance is always created through sustainable platforms, and with a Shariah compliant approach. Ento Capital is motivated by success and we measure this by our ability to meet investment goals of clients’ in a timely manner.

We have a refreshing approach with a perfect yet, demanding goal: maximum value creation for our clients with absolute integrity.

Our Strategy

The core strategy of Ento Capital is portfolio of creative new investment options that are aligned with the mandate for the global market, to embrace all areas of innovation.

We coach clients to explore ever more ambitious opportunities and contribute to the evolving culture of financial innovation in the Middle East. Our leadership position as thought leaders in Islamic finance has enabled us to redefine the norms of the Shariah investment landscape and build a sustainable platform for future scale with consistent performance. A deep commitment to Compliance Procedures, Risk Management and our strong Governance Framework is at the heart of all our activities.

As the business culture in the region becomes more influenced by innovation, a ground-breaking new attitude is required by investment banks. The Ento Capital approach provides clients with an assurance that pre-emptive strategies are in place and quick resolution measures can be immediately executed if required. Clients of Ento Capital embarks upon exciting new investment opportunities in the full confidence that we deploy through our strategic expertise to ensure identified inherent risks are carefully controlled.

Global clients increasingly demand fast and responsive implementation of their investment mandates. Our alliance of investment banking acumen, portfolio management skills and  tenacity bestows a strong competitive advantage.  With the future adoption of a business intelligence system exclusively designed for Ento Capital, our clients receive transactional reporting in ‘real time’, effectively eradicating human error and providing total transparency.  Such synergy enables our clients to fulfill their expectations to be far more agile in their choices across a range of different investment instruments.

Our Network

Ento Capital enjoys building strong relationships. Our existing network comprises of affluent investors (HNWI, UHNW individuals, family offices or institutions) exploring attractive new revenue streams with risk-adjusted returns.

Our considerable expertise is used for gap analysis of clients’ portfolios.  We will always cater from this exact perspective, even if it necessitates the introduction of a new product. This willingness ensures Ento Capital builds trust.  It enables us to create unrivalled long term value for our stakeholders, accelerating growth and profitability in an Islamic window. This passion drives Ento Capital’s ambitious strategic agenda and responds to the appetite of our clients’ who have a high tolerance to risk, but wish to remain within the Islamic finance framework. 

Proven Success

Management Track Record

Our enthusiastic and expert team possess, in excess of 60 years of experience, in investment banking and private equity throughout the region.

The Ento Capital Shareholders and the leadership team were responsible for founding one of the first private banks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which is licensed by the Capital Market Authority (CMA).  This involved managing property of US$ 3 billion of Assets Under Management (AUM) through Marhaba funds, Sukuk equity funds and Real Estate funds.  To date, the Shareholders enjoy a reputation as exclusive advisors for mega projects in excess of US$ 2 billion throughout the GCC region.

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