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Ento Capital specializes in transformational financial services focused on tailored capital structures.


Alternative Banking Services

Our alternative banking solutions combine the convenience of conventional banking with Shari’ah compliant solutions, offering higher performance and a long-standing profit-focused partnership.

Asset Management

High Performance Asset Management

Unlike the passive fund manager, Ento Capital has carefully configured their Asset Management Division to include experts with a mix of synergistic skills and backgrounds that deliver complete international and local market knowledge. We offer collective client goals, with an acceptable risk appetite, for above average return.

The emphasis of these developments is placed upon connecting societies and the holistic community elements which are followed in their design.

Structured Real Estate Funds

We have expertise in structuring medium term, closed investments, which are compliant with Islamic principles. The focus of these funds is based upon off-plan real estate projects as the underlying assets. This structures a capital raising platform for land owners and real estate developers, while offering affluent investors with off-market alternative investments generating above average returns.

Equity Funds

We create an array of long to medium term, open-ended investment vehicles for investing in stocks and shares. Such Equity Funds focus on attracting investors from the regional and global market. This stimulates attraction of foreign investments into the region’s high growth emerging markets.

Money Market Funds

We create short term liquid instruments which are very low-risk fixed income securities like Sukuk and Murabaha.

Corporate Finance

Ento Capital’s Corporate Finance Advisory Division connects UHNW individuals, family offices and financial institutions across the region to offer private equity solutions for projects.

We provide exclusive advisory solutions, on retainer, with comprehensive insight and a broad understanding of the full array of corporate finance activities.

Our Advisory Team is held to a Fiduciary standard to only provide what is suitable for our clients. This enables us to cultivate an intimate perspective of trust and confidence with them. Ento Capital emphasizes to act with full transparency, providing complete disclosure of fees, and clarifying any conflicts of interest which may arise.

Further our financial engineering expertise is shared with a prudent approach to organize, formalize, implement and monitor the most suitable blend of funding scenarios for clients to take advantage of timely opportunities.

Initial Public Offerings (IPO’s)

Ento Capital operate as agents for companies wishing to list on the public exchanges.   We provide the suitable solutions for obtaining large financing amounts quickly and effectively.

Private Placements

We privately place Debt and Equity Instruments for new and established companies through our distinctive relationships with various investors. We structure exclusive deals for the offering of shares in our selective portfolio of private companies that are nearing growth and undergoing expansion, while strategically positioning them for a highly profitable exit.

Islamic Finance Products

Our specialization in Islamic finance products such as Murabaha funds, Islamic Sukuks, and securitization follow strict Shariah Compliant contracts to support productive investment activities without diverting from key Islamic principles.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Taking the leadership role in managing mergers and acquisitions permits Ento Capital to steward the complex process and streamline collaboration. We provide advice on company valuation and supporting negotiations, liaising with third parties and financing arrangements. We also provide independent opinions to Companies’ Board of Directors and shareholders.

Capital Restructuring

Ento Capital reviews capital structures, assets, business strategies, and systems. For companies facing financial or administrative challenges there is the option for assistance to recover and enhance performance subsequent to mergers, acquisitions, expansions, buy-outs, takeovers, or potential bankruptcies, We are well placed to handle uncomfortable and unavoidable circumstances that may put your company’s financial strength at risk. Timing can be critical, and we achieve this rapidly by providing financial resources and other business/administrative support.

Loan Syndication:

Ento Capital operates as agent, obtaining large financing amounts efficiently and effectively from a number of funding partners. We analyze our client financials and business plans and present it to prospective Banks and Financial Institutions on their behalf.

Financial Engineering

Company Valuation

Ento Capital  can commission the Fair Value of a Company that is determined using various techniques, such as discounted cash flow and the price multiples.

Feasibility Studies

We formulate Financial Feasibility Studies, providing calculated and detailed justification for the requisite investment decisions for that opportunity. Ento Capital smoothly manage the process for securing any necessary funding from entities such as banks, development funds and other forms of financiers.

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